Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Man Who Shot John Lennon: 2 Movies

Well, friends, as you can tell...I am starting this diary up again, which had been abandoned. I have several silly blogs like this one, but the address of my main blog is so please visit sometimes. My name is Jimmy Fungus, and I have an opinion. Well, sometimes I am just a good old fashioned reporter of facts. Whatever the case may be, I promise to always be fair, accurate, and work hard to bring you dear readers, the blogs that you crave. But enough of my blubbering, on with today's post:

Recently, 2 movies have been released about the assasination of John Lennon. I personally am not sure of the wisdom of making a movie about someone who murdered someone to become famous. Aren't they just giving Mark David Chapman what he wanted?

I have only been able to see the one entitled "The Killing of John Lennon." It is basicly a straight forward telling of Mark David Chapman's story in his own words, and the makers of the film don't really do much with the story beyond that.

The second movie is called "Chapter 27" and has a bit more star power. Lindsay Lohan plays a John Lennon fan who befriends Chapman, as they both sit outside the apartment building where Lennon will be tragically killed.

So, what do YOU dear readers think about all this?

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